MasterCard Debit/ATM Card

A Debit MasterCard from Lakes Community Credit Union is accepted by millions of merchants around the world, and you can use it just like a credit card!  Simply present it to the merchant and the cost of your purchase is deducted from your checking account immediately.  Your ATM/Debit MasterCard also eliminates the need to produce identification when using a check for a transaction.

You can enjoy 24-hour access to your accounts with a Lakes Community Credit Union ATM card.  Use your ATM card to:

  • Withdraw money
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Conduct inquiries
  • Deposit money

Lakes Community Credit Union has a network of surcharge-free ATMs for you to choose from!

Contact us today and start enjoying the conevience of our cards!

Click here for an application

Please print the application, complete them and mail or fax to:

Lakes Community Credit Union
P O Box 99
Lake Orion, MI 48361


Lost/stolen ATM/Debit:1.800.528.2273