Password Change Coming March 11th

Changes Are Taking Place March 11th!
Lakes Community Credit Union is upgrading your online banking security!

Our password limits are expanding from a maximum of 10 characters to a maximum of 256. Currently, our system only recognized the first 10 characters of your password, even if you’re able to enter more.

For example, if your password is ilovemydog123, the system recognized only the first 10 characters (ilovemydog) and ignored the rest.

If your password is currently considered “too long,” you should notice a warning message when you sign on to online banking.

This would be a good time to:

  1. Verify you know the answers to all of your security questions or update them as needed.
  2. Make a note to yourself that the password upgrade occurs on 3/11/18 and you should only use the first 10 characters at that time.

As of 3/11/18, you may use the “I forgot my password link” when logging on to Online Banking and follow the prompts to create a new password.

If you need any assistance changing your password, contact Lakes Community Credit Union at (248) 814-4000 or stop in to any branch.